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Trumpet Manufacturers and Trumpet Makers
Links for Trumpet Players

Adams Trumpets - Adams Custom Professional Model Trumpets.

Austin Custom Brass - Trent Austin Custom Brass offers trumpet mouthpieces; trumpets; cornets, flugelhorns, cases; accessories. Adams, Carol and Shires trumpets. Located in Malden, Massachusetts 02148

Bach Brass - Vincent Bach Brass

Best Brass - Trumpets, mouthpieces and mutes out of Japan.

Blessing Brass - Blessing Brass offers trumpets, cornets, flugelhorns, trombones, and marching brass instruments, all made in Elkhart, USA.

B&S; Trumpets - B&S; Trumpets located in Germany.

Jerome Callet Trumpets - Callet Custom Trumpets - Callet Jazz Trumpet and Flugelhorn, Callet Jazz LT, Symphonique Bb, Symphonique C Trumpets. The all new Studio Artist and Studio Artist LT that Le Adams designed and introduced in 2017! Lee is also the exclusive dealer for GR Northern Brass Trumpet Mouthpieces.

Carol Brass - Carol Trumpets and Flugelhorns produced by the Hoxon Gakki Corp. in north Taiwan.

Chicago Brass Works - A synergistic approach by New York trumpeter Rich Szabo and Chicago Custom brass specialist Wayne Tanabe of The Brass Bow Music Co.

Courtois Trumpets - Courtois Trumpets made in Paris, France.

Edwards Trumpets - Edwards Trumpets located in Elkhorn, Wisconsin.

Eclipse Trumpets - Eclipse Trumpets handcrafted in England.

Ex Brass - Brass instruments designed by Romeo Adaci in Germany.

Fasch Trumpets - Fasch Trumpets out of Sprockhovel, Germany.

Feniks Trumpets - Feniks Trumpets produced in The Netherlands.

Getzen Trumpets - Getzen Trumpets located in Elkhorn, Wisconsin.

Harrelson Trumpets - Hand crafted trumpets out of New Brighton, Minnesota.

Hub Van Laar - Hub Van Laar Trumpets out of The Netherlands.

Jaeger Brass - Jaeger-Diamond trumpets out of South Salem, New York.

Jupiter Trumpets - Jupiter Trumpets.

Jupiter XO Trumpets - Jupiter XO Professional Model Trumpets.

Kanstul - Trumpets, fluglehorns and mouthpieces.

Lawler Trumpets - Hand crafted trumpets made to order out of Shelbyville, Tennessee

Marcinkieiwcz - Trumpets and mouthpieces located in Canby, Oregon.

Dave Monette Trumpets / Mouthpieces - Dave Monette's line of professional trumpets and mouthpieces out of Portland, Oregon.

Michael Del Quadro Custom Trumpets - Del Quadro Custom trumpets and custom repair work located in Wichita, Kansas.

Schagerl Trumpets - Schagerl trumpets of Austria.

Schilke Trumpets - located in Melrose, Illinois.

Scodwell Trumpets - Handcrafted by Tony Scodwell and sold exclusively at Chuck Levins in Washington, D.C.

Schagerl Trumpets - Schagerl Trumpets out of Austria.

S.E. Shires Custom Trumpets - located in Hopedale, Massachusetts.

Smith & Watkins Trumpets - Smith & Watkins trumpets out of the United Kingdom.

Sonare Trumpets - Sonare Trumpets out of Maynard, Massachusetts.

Stomvi Trumpets - Stomvi Trumpets by Stomvi USA located in Newhall, California.

Taylor Trumpets - Taylor custom trumpets and mouthpieces made in Great Britain.

V Raptor Trumpets - V Raptor Trumpets handcrafted by Stomvi USA located in Newhall, California.

Woodwind & Brasswind Store - Huge musical instrument dealer located in South Bend, Indiana.

Yamaha Trumpets - Yamaha Trumpets, Fluglehorns and Cornets.

Yamaha Performance HUB - Yamaha's Artist give online clinics and concerts.

Trumpet Mouthpiece Manufacturers
Links for Trumpet Players

Austin Custom Brass - Mouthpieces by Trent Austin of Boston, Massachusetts.

Best Brass - Best Brass professional trumpets, trumpet mouthpieces and trumpet mutes out of Japan.

Greg Black - Greg Black trumpet mouthpieces located in West Orange, New Jersey.

Jerome Callet - Jerome Callet SuperChops trumpet mouthpieces.

Curry Mouthpieces - Mark Curry trumpet mouthpieces.

FLEX Mouthpieces - Flex trumpet mouthpieces out of The Brass Spa in Newhall, California.

Giddings & Webster Mouthpieces - Stainless steel, and titanium trumpet mouthpieces made in the United States.

Karl Hammond - Karl Hammond trumpet mouthpieces.

Kanstul - Kanstul trumpets, fluglehorns and mouthpieces.

Kanstul Mouthpiece Comparison Tools

Old Version Of Kanstul Mouthpiece Comparison Tool

Legends - trumpets and trumpet mouthpieces by Derek Saidak of Tennessee.

Joe Marcinkieiwcz - Marcinkiewicz Professional Trumpets and trumpet mouthpieces located in Canby, Oregon.

Dave Monette - Dave Monette's line of professional trumpets and trumpet mouthpieces out of Portland, Oregon.

Flip Oakes - Flip Oakes line of trumpets and trumpet mouthpieces mouthpieces out of Oceanside, California.

Patrick Mouthpieces - Trumpet mouthpiece line designed by Nashville, Tennessee first call studio musician Steve Patrick.

Picket Brass - Trumpet mouthpieces and iPhone Mouthpiece Comparison app by Peter Pickett out of Lexington, Kentucky.

Gary Radtke - Gary Radtke Technologies (GR) trumpet mouthpiece makers out of Dousman, Wisconsin.

Giddings & Webster - Stainless steel and titanium mouthpieces.

Bob Reeves - Reeves Trumpet mouthpieces; alignment and assessories out of Valencia, California.

Schilke Music - Schilke trumpets and mouthpieces located in Melrose Park, Illinois.

Stork - Stork custom trumpet mouthpieces of New York, City

Taylor Trumpets - Taylor custom trumpets and mouthpieces made in Great Britain.

Denis Wick - Denis Wick trumpet mouthpieces.

Warburton Trumpet Mouthpieces - Terry Warburton's trumpet mouthpieces based out of Mims, Florida.

XStream Mouthpieces - XStream mouthpieces out of Mesa, Arizona.

Trumpet Player - Trumpet Accessories
Links for Trumpet Players

Bemner Trumpet Practice Mute - Trevor Bremner Trumpet Practice Mutes out of Australia.

Reunion Blues Gig Bags - Reunion Blues Trumpet Gig bags of Petaluma, California.

Tom Crown Trumpet Mutes - Tom and Donna Crown Trumpet Mutes out of Western Springs, Illinois.

Facet Trumpet Mutes - Facet Trumpet Mutes by Bruce Lee and Don Davis out of McDonough, Georgia.

Don Maslet Trumpet Mutes - Don Maslet Trumpet Mutes out of Hertfortshire, England.

Mutec Trumpet Mutes - Mutec Trumpet Mutes out of Chicago, Illinois.

Protec Trumpet Cases - Protec Trumpet cases of Fullerton, California.

Soulo Mutes - Soulo Bucket Mutes for Trumpet by Mike Jarosz of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Torpedo Trumpet Bags - Torpedo Trumpet Bags of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Trumcor Trumpet Mutes - Trumcor Trumpet Mutes out of Dallas, Texas.

Ultra Pure Oils - Ultra Pure valve oils and slide lubricants by Ken Saul of Philomath, Oregon.

Wallace Trumpet Mutes - Wallace Trumpet Mutes made in Scotland and owned by John Wallace and Iain Muirhead.

Denis Wick Trumpet Mutes - Denis Wick Trumpet Mutes out of London, England.

5 Starr Valve Oil - 5 Starr Valve Oil by Nelson Starr of Grand Island, New York.

Zaja Music - Zaja valve oil and slide grease by Andre Jacques and Rich Szabo of Livingston, New Jersey.

Trumpet Repair and Custom Work
Links for Trumpet Players

Jaeger Brass - Brass design, building and repair located in South Salem, New York.

Greens Buffing - Custom trumpet shop owned by Tom Green located in Elkhart, Indiana.

Bach Horn Doctor - Custom work and repair shop owned by Mike Corrigan of Olathe, Kansas.

Hansen Brass Repair - Repair shop owned by Dick Hansen of Brimfield, Massachusetts.

Osmun Music - Osmun Music of Acton, Massachusetts specific repair services include Precision Valve Alignments, Resonance Enhancement, custom mouthpipes, piston and rotor rebuilding (100% on site), mouthpiece alteration and duplication (also 100% on site). Their staff of three have a combined total of 90 years experience servicing brass instruments.

Oxley Music - Custom and repair shop owned by Richard Oxley of Phoenix, Arizona.

Michael Del Quadro Custom Trumpets - Michael Del Quadro Custom trumpets and custom repair work located in Wichita, Kansas.

Independent Music Service - repair and refinish workshop out of Sherwood, Arkansas and Fayetteville, Arkansas.

A Minor Tune-Up - Chris Cromer's custom brass shop located in Wilmington, Delaware.

Brass Werks - Repair and custom trumpet work owned by Ken Larson and located in Traverse City, Michigan.

Doctor Valve - Steve Winans custom brass and repair shop located in Lemont, Illinois.

Charlies Brass Works - Owned by Charlie Melk of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Brass Instrument Workshop - Brass Instrument Workshop owned by Rich Ita of Marietta, Georgia (just north of Atlanta).

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