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"Super Foxy" in 1977
with the typical Bach 37 Professional Model Bb Trumpet

Trumpet Lessons in Hamilton, Ohio

Trumpet lessons in and around Hamilton, Ohio; Mason, Ohio; Lebanon, Ohio and surrounding areas. Trumpet lessons in Hamilton, Ohio and surrounding areas can be arranged depending on my schedule and the location involved. I am considering teaching trumpet lessons to students who WANT to play the trumpet with excellence. I may teach a few trumpet lessons out of my home in Mason, Ohio. I would be teaching trumpet lessons as a labor of love and as a hobby (I never had a trumpet lesson until I was in my 50's !) Cincinnati Pros Bruce Haag & Matt Anklan told me "keep doing what you are doing !" My fulltime work as an SUD Case Manager with Sojourner Recovery Services is in Hamilton, Ohio.

Explaining Air Compression to some Friends in Tennessee

Trumpet Lessons and Trumpet Teaching Philosophy

I will teach trumpet lessons to anyone who wants to be a better musician first and trumpet player second. My method of teaching trumpet lessons involves practicing along with my trumpet student. I play an exercise and then the trumpet student plays the exercise. Thus, the trumpet students watches how I play and vica versa. This facilitates the proper rest between exercises. This enables the trumpet student to observe my physical approach as well as me observing theirs and correcting what needs to be corrected. Furthermore, I play everything that I teach.

My Trumpet Teaching Credentials

I began playing the trumpet in 1970. I excelled on the trumpet all through high school and college; although, I did NOT major in music (Psychology). I have played professional gigs such as broadway type musicals; weddings; funerals; Lead trumpet in post-college big bands and at church on occasion. I played Lead Trumpet in the college jazz ensemble as well as singing in the college jazz vocal quartet at Georgia Southern University. I have played in Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band as well as in many Solo & Ensemble competitions. YOU have many choices as to whom you select for trumpet lessons. Select wisely ! I can and will play everything that I teach along with my trumpet student. This includes a four octave trumpet range.

Russell & Vicki Dixon

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